ArSU «Law» Faculty Fourth Year Students’ Practice Summed Up in the Artsakh Republic NA February 15-19, 2021, the 4th year "Law" specialty students the ArSU Faculty of History and Law have passed a one-week practice in the Parliament of the Republic of Artsakh
19 February 2021

Accepting the students, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the National Assembly Garik Zhamharyan presented the structure of the legislature, information on the work of standing committees and factions, legislative processes and legal acts regulating the activities of the National Assembly.

During the training the students met with the NA "Free Motherland - UCA", "United Motherland", Artsakh "Justice", "Armenian Revolutionary Federation", " Democratic Party of Artsakh " factions and Standing Committees on state-legal, foreign relations, science, education, culture, youth and sports with the people in charge of the expert service.

During the meetings the students got acquainted with the role of the legislative body in the public administration system, the daily activity of the parliament, the powers assigned to the National Assembly by the Constitution. They referred to the work carried out to raise the legal awareness of the public. Issues related to the role of the legislature in the general affairs of the country, the legislative initiative, its further discussion and adoption procedure were discussed.