Artsakh Republic National Assembly President Congratulates the Journalist, Publicist Mikael Hajiyan on his 70th birthday
17 February 2021

Dear Mr. Hajiyan!

 I heartily congratulate you on your 70th birthday. Those years are both yours and ours, because you, being a high-class journalist, have made a great contribution to the establishment of the Artsakh journalistic community. You have headed the press service of the parliament for many years. You were at the root of the establishment of the Azerbaijani Radio Service, which are you leading today.

The wars that befell Artsakh have sent irreversible and sad messengers to Armenian families. Unfortunately, that grief was shared by your family, and it was twice. However, while still standing at the roots of the Artsakh national liberation struggle and on the way to shaping the fate of Artsakh, you continue to live and create with all your endurance and restraint in your daily devotion for the sake of Artsakh. Let the years your children did not live, be passed to your grandchildren, who, unfortunately, are the only consolation and support of the grandfather.

You managed to live and create candles of light and faith around you. Being a creative and prolific journalist with your bright human image, you have become a respected figure worthy of reverence for the public.

Live long and live with the soulful feeling of a person who has returned everything he received, to the world.

What you have created was out of a sincere love towars the world, and let that be doubled for you.