National Assembly Adopted the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2021, a Number of Bill Packages and Elected the Republic Prosecutor General
11 February 2021

February 11, the regular sitting of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly took place.

Opening the sitting, the Head of the National Assembly Artur Tovmasyan referred to the discussions of the "State Budget of the Republic of Artsakh 2021" which took place after the previous regular sitting, noting that all established procedures and deadlines have been followed.

After approving the agendas of the sitting and the sitting, the parliament went on with the discussion of the draft law "On the State Budget of the Republic of Artsakh 2021".

Presenting the second-round proposals on the budget, the State Minister - Minister of Finance Grigori Martirosyan noted that 19 proposals have been submitted to the government by the deputies and separate factions since the break in the discussion of the state budget at the NA plenary sitting.

Introducing the amended version of the 2021 state budget, Grigori Martirosyan noted the changes made in the project expenses based on the deputies' suggestions:

1. Defense Department "Civil Protection Measures" Expenditure program increased by 750.0 million drams

2. In the Economic Relations section:

• 10,0 million cut in expenditure program "Economic Development" Project alternatives, including the implementation of solar energy evaluation activities,

• "Delegations Receptions" spending program was reduced by 200.0 million drams.

3. Recreation, culture and religion section - 30.0 million drams was added on the "Assistance to Regional Federations" expenditure program

4. Education section has been completed by the amount of 30.0 million drams on the expenditure program "Fire training of high school students"

5. Expenditure program of the Social Security Department on "Provision of Social Psychological Rehabilitation Assistance" has increased by 20.0 million for providing psychological services to citizens.

The State Minister informed that other proposals adopted by the government will be implemented at the expense of redistributions within centralized funds and expenditure programs.

According to Grigori Martirosyan, certain changes have been made in the project on the initiative of the government.

Summing up the final indicators of the 2021 state budget proposed by the draft, the Minister of Finance noted that revenues will amount to 84 billion 230.7 million drams, expenditures - 132 billion 342.0 million drams, deficit - 48 billion 111.3 million drams.

During the exchange of ideas, the Head of the "Justice" faction David Galstyan made a speech.

Then the views of the factions have been voiced.

"The draft budget for 2021 in no way appeals to the post-war realities," he said. Based on that, the secretary of the "Democracy" faction Gegham Stepanyan stated that the faction would vote against the draft budget.

According to the Head of the ARF faction Arthur Mosiyan, the draft budget does not address the country's number one challenge - security guarantees. Giving these and other justifications, Arthur Mosiyan announced that the ARF would vote against the bill.

"The budget is repetitive, there are no innovative and ambitious programs," said Metaxe Hakobyan. Expressing the opinion of the Artsakh "Justice" faction she noted that the faction will vote against.

Gagik Baghunts and Arthur Harutyunyan presented the positions of the "United Motherland" and "Free Motherland-UCA" factions, which announced that both parliamentary forces would vote for the draft budget.

"The opportunities must be realistically assessed, the presented expenses are the minimum conditions that can ensure the continuous development of the country at this stage," the Head of the "Free Motherland-UCA" faction said in his speech.

The discussion of the draft was concluded by the Head of the Parliament. Artur Tovmasyan considered the remarks of the deputies appropriate, but reminded that 11 new programs are envisaged by this budget, with their implementation a number of post-war problems will be solved.

The project was put to a vote. The main financial and economic document of 2021 was adopted with 25 votes in favor and 8 against.

The issue of electing the Prosecutor General of the Artsakh Republic was discussed in accordance with the Part 2 of Article 114 of the Constitution of the Artsakh Republic and Article 40 part 1 1 of the Law on the ‘Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly” and on the initiative of the Republic of Artsakh President.

Turning to the discussion of the issue, the official representative of the President of the Artsakh Republic, Chief of Staff of the President of the Artsakh Republic Artak Beglaryan presented the biographical and working activities of the candidate for Prosecutor General Gurgen Nersisyan.

Speaking about the personal, professional qualities of the candidate, Artak Beglaryan noted that we will deal with a selfless, principled, professional and skilled official. The President's authorized representative highlighted the fact-finding activities of Gurgen Nersisyan especially during the war and post-war period to reveal war crimes. as well as the detection and identification of missing prisoners. At the end of his speech, Artak Beglaryan offered to give a vote of confidence in favor of the candidate for Prosecutor General.

Speaking about his program provisions, Gurgen Nersisyan emphasized, that they will act more publicly and transparently to ensure public trust and support, ensuring the tangibility of justice and fairness. Referring to the results of the discussions in the factions in the National Assembly, the candidate noted.

"The suggestions, concerns and problems voiced in the factions have been taken into account, and I assure you that in case of receiving your vote, I will pursue the implementation of the programs presented by me. I realize that I can take over the responsibility of this unprecedented size and scope of work under the load limits working conditions with unlimited workload. And I made my decision in this difficult period of Artsakh life with a high awareness of the importance of my participation and role. "

The candidate provided relevant clarifications to the questions raised by the deputies. Deputies Gagik Baghunts and Arevik Petrosyan spoke during the exchange of views.

Then the parliament passed a secret ballot. Presenting the results, Eduard Aghabekyan, Chairman of the Counting Commission, noted that the ballots were distributed by a ratio of 30 for, 3 against. NA President Artur Tovmasyan congratulated Gurgen Nersisyan on being elected Prosecutor General and wished him fruitful work.

The swearing-in ceremony of the newly elected Prosecutor General took place.

During a question-and-answer session with the government, 24 questions were asked by 12 deputies. They referred to our compatriots in the Republic of Armenia, in particular, the future of boarding school students, the right of foreign citizens to enter our republic, the status of the Artsakh Defense Army, the use of vaccines in anti-epidemic measures, inventory of war-affected movable property, the terms and mechanisms of the loan repayment program, establishment of a medical and social examination center, solving the problems of homeless citizens, remuneration of the World War II veterans, new social programs, etc.

At the NA plenary sitting Chairman of the State Revenue Committee (SRC) David Poghosyan submitted the laws - "On the establishment of tax privileges through war operations", On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Profit Tax", “On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Law On Income Tax”, "On Amendments to the Law on “Value Added Tax"” and "On Making Amendments to the Law “On Making Addenda and Amendments to the NKR Law “On Value Added Tax"”, Amendments to the Law on Merchant Tax "On Making an Addendum", "On Amendments to the Law on Presumptive Payments", "Amendments to the Law on Patent Fees", "Amendments to the Law on the Use of Cash Registers" On repealing the Law on Funded Pensions, Making Amendments to the Law on Taxes, repealing the Law on Allocations (Contributions for Road Construction, Repair and Maintenance) The amended version of the draft law "On Defining Privileges on Tax and Other Mandatory Payments".

An additional offer is included in the project package provide a provision in the Law “On Taxes”, according to which 50% of taxes paid by organizations and individual entrepreneurs will be directed to the loans received by them until October 1, 2020 and reimbursement of interest paid for their service. Returns will be made quarterly or semi-annually for a period of three years. Draft provisions will not be applicable for credit organizations, banks, minerals, electricity, persons, natural gas transmission entities.

It is proposed by the draft law on the establishment of tax privileges in connection with hostilities

  • Extend the deadlines for submitting property and land tax calculations until February 20, 2021.
  • Abolish property tax and land tax liabilities on real estate and movable property and land owned by organizations and individuals in the Azerbaijani-occupied territories.

The Chairman of the State Revenue Committee noted that from tax incentives will really use about 4600 taxpayers in the amount of 10.7 billion drams.

Arthur Harutyunyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management, presented a positive opinion of the Head Committee on the draft law.

The bill was passed as a law with a ratio of 33 votes in favor. The bill "On Making Amendments to the Law “On Civil Service"” was presented by Jivan Harutyunyan, Deputy Chairman of the Civil Service Council of the Artsakh Republic. The proposed regulation clarifies the extension of the term of office of the Chief of Staff considered a civil servant.

Chairman of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs of the National Assembly Sevak Aghajanyan presented the positive conclusion of the Head Committee on the proposed bill.

According to the voting results, the parliament unanimously voted in favor of the bill "On Amending the Law “On Civil Service"”.

At the end of the sitting, Gagik Baghunts, the Head of the "United Motherland" faction, the Vice-President of the National Assembly, made a parliamentary statement.

Summing up the results of the session, the National Assembly President Artur Tovmasyan expressed gratitude for the joint efforts of all.