Artsakh Republic NA President Received the "Azat Artsakh" Newspaper Editorial Staff
10 February 2021

February 10, the Head of the National Assembly Artur Tovmasyan met with the editorial staff of the "Azat Artsakh" republican newspaper. The heads of the parliamentary factions and chief staff officials took part in the meeting.

Issues related to the modernization of the parent newspaper have been discussed. Both sides noted that quality information is needed to increase readability. In that context, the need to use modern technical means and information technologies was stressed.

Before the war, the leadership of the Republican newspaper had taken the initiative to act as an agency, which would increase the reputation of the media. According to the newspaper's editor-in-chief Norek Gasparyan, in the conditions of the new reality the project has been postponed. But they will look for ways to keep the newspaper up to date. One of the proposals was addressed to the parliamentarians, it referred to the activation of briefings and press conferences. The proposal of the journalists was welcomed by the legislator.

The newspaper is a body that forms public opinion. Therefore, it is possible that it will increase its target audience by changing the form and content, the participants of the meeting concluded.