Artsakh Republic Parliament Will Convene a Regular Sitting
10 February 2021

February 10, Artsakh Republic National Assembly President convoked a working consultation with the participation of the heads of the standing committees, factions and the staff officials of the Parliament.

The bills included in the agenda of the session and the received draft conclusions of the Head committees on the issues will be discussed at the forthcoming regular sitting.

President of the National Assembly informed that according to the schedule of the draft state budget discussion, the discussion of the draft "On the State Budget of the Republic of Artsakh for 2021" will continue at the next meeting, together with other bills. The final version of the budget and the position of the government on the second round of the deputies' proposals will be presented to the parliament.

The Head of the National Assembly informed that the issue of electing the Prosecutor General of the Artsakh Republic is included in the agenda of the second session. Gurgen Nesisyan, the candidate for Prosecutor General nominated by the Artsakh Republic President, had a meeting with all parliamentary factions today.

The package of tax benefits in the second reading will be included on the agenda of the meeting. Yesterday, the revised version, taking into account the proposals of the parliament, was approved by the General Committee on Fiscal and Economic Management. The day before, the amended version taking into account the parliamentary proposals was approved by the Head Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management.

The bill "On Making Amendments to the Law "On Civil Service"" with the positive conclusion of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs will be presented to the deputies for discussion. The proposed regulation clarifies extension of the term of office of the Chief of Staff considered a civil servant.

Questions addressed to the President of the Republic of Artsakh and members of the Government, as well as parliamentary statements are also envisaged.

Summing up the consultation, Artur Tovmasyan stated that the next sitting will take place on February 11 at 11:00.