The Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Convoked a Sitting
21 January 2021

January 21, the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs convoked a sitting chaired by Sevak Aghajanyan.

Issues included in the forthcoming extraordinary session have been discussed.

Representative of the Republic of Artsakh President, the Minister of Justice Karen Danielyan presented the package of draft laws «On Making Amendments to the Law “On State Emergency Situations Service of the Artsakh Republic”», «On Making Amendments to the Law”On Police"», «On Making Amendments to the Law «On Police Service"»

The package of draft laws proposes to include the State Emergency Service of the Artsakh Republic and the Police of the Artsakh Republic in a single body, the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The Minister answered the questions posed by the deputies.

The bill was approved by a vote of 1 to 4.

The second issue on the agenda was the discussion of the draft law «On Amendments to the Civil Code».

The draft law proposes to allow servicemen missing in connection with hostilities to apply for another citizen missing in court if there is no information on the whereabouts of a serviceman or other citizen within 3 months, as well as a period of 2 years for a missing person to be declared missing by a court instead, set it at 1 year after the end of hostilities.

The bill was presented and clarified by the official representative of the President of Artsakh, Minister of Justice Karen Danielyan.

The commission gave a positive conclusion on the draft with a ratio of 5 votes in favor.