Joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Social Affairs and Health and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
20 January 2021

Joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Social Affairs and Health and Budget, Financial and Economic ManagementJanuary 20, the joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Social Affairs, Health and Financial-Budgetary and Economic Management chaired by Aram Grigoryan and Arthur Harutyunyan took place.

Funding issues on social security, benefits, remuneration of budget employees, healthcare system in the draft law “On the State Budget of the Republic of Artsakh 2021” have been discussed.

Introducing the costs of social protection, Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Migration Mane Tandilyan noted that 31.5 billion drams will be provided to the sphere in 2021 or compared to 2020 the expenses will increase by 4.4 billion drams. Speaking about the financing of the implemented programs, the Minister also referred to the new programs of 2021. The joint social programs of the governments of Artsakh and Armenia in particular, due to the post-war realities.

"We have made changes in last year's programs, maintaining flexibility to redistribute if necessary, making the program more targeted and timely," the minister said.

In her speech, Mane Tandilyan emphasized that the institution will focus more on those in the vulnerable group, as will all social support will be targeted.

The parliamentarians proposed to the minister questions concerning this year's budget of the institution to satisfy the need in accumulative contributions to the injured without the status of non-disabled, compensation for residents' property, the sums allocated for the annual financial aid, housing security for rural youth   and other topics to which the Minister provided comprehensive answers.

According to the Minister of Health Mikael Hayriyan, the expenses of the sphere in 2021 will make 8 billion 588 million 200 drams, which is 1 billion 303 million 200 thousand drams more than in 2020.

According to the Minister, the increase in funding is due to the increase in salaries of medical staff and the replacement of partial reimbursement of programs implemented by the Ministry with full reimbursement.

The deputies asked questions related to the re-launch of the state program of in vitro fertilization, the costs provided for it, the conditions of the process, the sharp increase in expenses for patients referred, the possible treatment of the wounded abroad, and other areas on which relevant clarifications were provided.