Joint Sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Production, Production Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
18 January 2021

January 18, the joint sitting of the Standing Committees on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure and Budget, Financial and Economic Management of the National Assembly of the Artsakh Republic chaired by Vladimir Kasyan and Arthur Harutyunyan took place.

The draft law "On the State Budget of Artsakh Republic 2021" on the agenda envisages financing for industry, urban development, agriculture, transport and communications, energy system, environment and natural resources, drinking and irrigation water.

Presenting the 2021 expenditures of the agricultural sector, the Minister of Agriculture Ashot Bakhshiyan, noted that it will make 4 billion 874 million 588 thousand drams, which compared to 8 billion 969 million 872 thousand drams in 2020, has decreased by 4 billion 95 million drams.

The Minister presented new compensatory and grant programs in the fields of agriculture and animal husbandry. Ashot Bakhshiyan answered the questions on plant protection, provision of pesticides, financing of veterinary stations, reduction of the number of cattle, reduction of sown areas, import of large and small animals, anti-epidemiology, work on vaccines and other issues voiced by the deputies.

According to the Minister of Urban Development Aram Sargsyan the 2021 budget envisages 10 billion drams for capital expenditures, compared to 25 billion 207 million drams last year. After detailing the capital construction costs by sectors, Aram Sargsyan gave explanations to the deputies on the calculated expenses of the enemy-controlled and damaged housing stock, housing construction, construction of Stepanakert-Askeran-Martakert highway, Issues related to the construction of Martakert N1 school, the construction of shelters, the construction of additional preschools due to the situation, road and yard blockades, the completion of the construction of Stepanakert N1 and N2 kindergartens.

Before presenting the budget, the Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Hayk Khanumyan, informed that based on the post-war realities, the programs of the ministry will be aimed at solving social problems. Speaking about the amount envisaged by the 2021 state budget, he noted that 12 million 534 million 111 thousand drams will be allocated for the maintenance of the programs of the ministry. The Minister then presented the main program directions and responded to the limit of compensation for electricity, gas and communications services, their possible control, control over the cost of renting and repairing rented apartments, clarifying the allocation of accommodation to the residents of enemy-controlled settlements, new social programs, sources of alternative electricity and the questions raised by the deputies on other issues in the sphere.

After the break the joint sitting of the standing committees continued.

According to the chairman of the State Commission for Regulation of Public Services and Economic Competition Gevorg Grigoryan, expenditures of the commission in 2021 will make 673.5 million 663 thousand drams. Expenditures will be directed to partial subsidization of interest on loans provided by commercial banks for agricultural projects and servicing loans from commercial banks and other financial institutions. The President of the Foundation clarified deputies' questions related to the financing of the programs for the acquisition of noble cattle and their analysis.

The expenses of the Artsakh Investment Fund for 2021 were presented by the Deputy Chairman of the Artsakh Investment Fund Mher Mkhitaryan. According to the data provided, the 2021 draft state budget envisages 4.0 billion drams within the framework of the "Support to the Artsakh Investment Fund" program. The Deputy Chairman of the Fund answered the questions raised by the deputies on the future activities of the Fund, new mortgage loans, investment efficiency analysis and other topics.

The sitting was attended by the National Assembly President, NA Vice-President, parliamentarians and government officials