NA Extraordinary Session Convened
30 June 2020

June 30, the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly convened an extraordinary session.

NA President Artur Tovmasyan, opening the extraordinary session, congratulated the delegates on the International Day of Parliamentarism celebrated on 30 June and wished them success in personal life and legislative work.

The session started with the swearing-in ceremony:

Based on the June 15 resignation of the MP Hovik Jivanyan and according to Article 137, Part 1, and Paragraph 8 of the Law on the «Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly», the parliamentary powers of the deputy Hovik Jivanyan elected by the list of the "Free Motherland-UCA" bloc of parties have stopped. Vigen Harutyunyan, the next candidate on the list of the "Free Motherland-UCA" bloc received the NA deputy mandate.

After the swearing-in ceremony of the latter, the parliament started discussing the issues on the agenda.

With the participation of the State Minister of the Republic of Artsakh Grigory Martirosyan and members of the government, the parliament discussed the annual report on the implementation of the 2019 state budget of the Artsakh Republic presented by the Minister of Finance Vahram Baghdasaryan. Referring to the results of the discussions held in the standing committees and factions, the Minister of Finance noted that, in total, about 60 questions and suggestions have been received.

Continuing the discussion, Ernest Avanesyan, Chairman of the Audit Chamber, presented a conclusion on the 2019 budget execution report, assessing it as positive.

Artur Harutyunyan and Seyran Hayrapetyan, Chairs of the NA Standing Committees on Budget, Financial and Economic Management and on Defense, Security and Legislation, also presented positive conclusions on the draft.

After the exchange of ideas, «Democratic Party of Artsakh», «Armenian Revolutionary Federation», Artsakh «Justice», «United Motherland» and «Free Motherland-UCA» factions expressed their views on budget performance.

Concluding the discussion, the State Minister Grigory Martirosyan touched upon the concerns and questions raised by the deputies, emphasizing that the government will take into account the constructive proposals and if necessary, clarifications will be given.

With 25 votes in favor, 3 against and 3 abstentions, the parliament approved the annual report on the implementation of the 2019 state budget of the Republic of Artsakh: 117,982,025.2 thousand AMD on revenues, 111,818,706.0 thousand AMD on expenditures, 6,163319.2 thousand AMD - extra budget.

Next the draft law «On Making Amendments to the Law «Оn the Audit Chamber"», co-authored by members of the «Free Motherland-UCA» Aram Grigoryan and Armen Hakobyan have been presented to the NA for discussion. Presenting the project, Aram Grigoryan noted that as a result of the change, an official with at least 10 years of work experience in the field of public finance management without taking into account the fact of whether he has been in a leading position for five years or not, may also be elected a member of the Audit Chamber.

After questions and speeches, the parliament passed the law with 24 votes in favor and 8 against.

Turning to the next issue on the agenda, Artur Tovmasyan, the Head of the Parliament, noted his and NA Vice-President Gagik Baghunts' desire to be included in the NA standing committees, submitted for discussion the decision of the National Assembly «On Making Amendments to the ԱԺՈ-011-7 Decision of the National Assembly of May 21, 2020 "On Establishing Standing Committees of the National Assembly of the Seventh convocation"». According to the decision, Artur Tovmasyan joined the Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Management and Gagik Baghunts, joined the Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.

The parliament unanimously adopted the decision.

After the break deputies listened and took note of the Human Rights Defender’s annual report on the activities, protection of human rights and freedoms presented by the Human Rights Defender Artak Beglaryan and the annual report on the 2019 activities of the Council, presented by the Chairman of the Board of the Artsakh Public Television and Radio Company Arsen Arstamyan.