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Interparliamentary Commission on Cooperation between the National Assembly of the Artsakh Republic and the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia

  1. Co-chair Artur Tovmasyan – Republic of Artsakh NA President
  2. Davit Melkumyan – “Democratic Party of Artsakh” faction, Head
  3. Artur Mosiyan – “Armenian Revolutionary Federation” , Head
  4. Davit Galsyan – Artsakh “Justice” faction , Head
  5. Marsel Petrosyan – “United Motherland” faction, Head
  6. Artur Harutyunyan – “Free Motherland –UCA” faction, Head
  7. Seyran Hayrapetyan - Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, Chair
  8. Vahram Balayan – Standing Committee on Foreign Relations, Chair
  9. Sevak Aghajanyan – Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, Chair
  10. Aram Grigoryan – Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health, Chair
  11. Vladimir Kasyan - Standing Committee on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure, Chair
  12. Aram Harutyunyan – Standing Committee on Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Chair
  13. Metaxe Hakobyan – “United Motherland” faction, member
  14. Eleonora Avanesyan - “Free Motherland –UCA” faction, secretary
  15. Noune Melkumyan – “United Motherland” faction, member
  16. Commission Secretary - Lilit Asryan, NA Media and Public Relations Department, Head