Statement of the «Democratic Party of Artsakh» Faction
18 June 2020

Dear Colleagues,

June 17, a joint sitting of the Standing Committees on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement and Budget, Financia and Economic Management of the National Assembly was held, in which, apart from the members of the above-mentioned committees, other deputies who were present in the sitting hall were not allowed to participate.

This is a gross violation of Article 106, Paragraph 6 of the «Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly» in which, in particular, it is said: «Materials related to expenditure articles containing state and official secrets covered in the Annual report on the implementation of the state budget are discussed at the joint closed sitting of the competent standing committees, in which Deputies, the Chairman of the Audit Chamber and the persons authorized by the President of the Republic can participate.»

We present to the National Assembly President's attention the obvious example of the violation of the law by the officials and the staff in organizing a joint sitting and expect that such incidents will not happen again.

The Republic of Artsakh National Assembly «Democratic Party of Artsakh» faction