Joint Sitting of the NA Standing Committee on Social and Healthcare and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
15 June 2020

June 15, joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Social and Health and Budget, Financial and Economic Management chaired by Aram Grigoryan and Artur Harutyunyan was held.

The annual reports on the implementation of the 2019 state budget have been discussed.

Presenting last year report, the Minister of Labor, Social and Housing Samvel Avanesyan, noted that 23 billion 641 million drams had been allocated to the sphere of social protection, the adjusted budget - 22 billion 747 million 400 thousand drams. The actual performance was 21 billion 950 million 900 thousand drams or 97% of the adjusted budget.

Deputy Minister of Health Armen Khachatryan presented that 6 billion 923 million drams have been allocated to the healthcare sector from the state budget, 6 billion 783 million drams have been adjusted in the reporting year. According to the Minister, 6 billion 888 million drams worth of services have been provided, for which the financing of the Ministry of Health amounted to 6 billion 722 million drams, or 99.1%.

According to the report of the Head of the National Statistical Service Manush Minasyan, in addition to the current work during the year, the service has implemented two other projects. The amount of the service activity in the reporting year made 212 million 285 thousand drams. In fact, 211 million 507 thousand drams were spent, the performance was 99.6%.

The deputies asked questions to the speakers on the features of social programs and issues related to the doctors' remuneration.