Artsakh NA President Artur Tovmasyan Sent Congratulatory Message to the RA NA President Ararat Mirzoyan
28 May 2020

President of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly Arthur Tovmasyan congratulated President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia Ararat Mirzoyan on behalf of and members of parliament and himself on the occasion of the Day of the First Republic.

The congratulatory message reads:

«On behalf of the deputies of the Republic of Artsakh Parliament and myself, I congratulate you on the occasion of the Day of the First Republic of Armenia.

May 28, 1918, with the manifestation of the collective will and unity of the Armenian people, the centuries-old Armenian dream of independent statehood became a reality.

The holiday of the Republic bears the symbol of the May victories, embodied in the best evidence of the unity and solidarity of the Armenian people.

The imperative tasks assigned to the country and the authorities at different times are different, but only the people are allotted the right to be the master of the fate of their homeland. In this context, the ability of the Armenian people to unite in decisive historical and political events is invaluable, and take a solid and united step.

I wish the invincible spirit of the Armenians to be strong and united as well as cohesion and unity to the two Armenian states and Armenians scattered around the world.

Once again, congratulations on First Republic Day of Armenia».