Arthur Tovmasyan Had Meetings with Political Forces and Candidates Who Participated in Presidential Elections
23 May 2020

May 23 the President of the National Assembly Arthur Tovmasyan had meetings with the Republic of Artsakh political forces and the candidates who participated in the 2020 presidential election.

Purpose of the meeting is the development of opportunities for cooperation between the political forces and the candidates running in the presidential elections within the framework of the Republic President’s message of solidarity and tolerance. During the meetings the NA President noted, that, regardless of political views, cooperation should be maintained for the benefit of the country's welfare and development. He also touched upon issues of national importance, such as the Artsakh issue, the Armenian Genocide and the  security of the country, the common position and joint work of the political forces.

Starting the meeting from the central office of the "Free Homeland" party, Arthur Tovmasyan noted that the force forming the political majority in the parliament, the "Free Homeland-CMD" faction, should be more active both in the field of legislative and inter-parliamentary cooperation. It should also be a bridge for the connection between the parliament and the population.

Continuing the meetings, the NA President received the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Masis Mailyan. Arthur Tovmasyan praised the Minister's contribution to the area of foreign affairs and noted that in the face of the National Assembly, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will have a reliable support. The Head of the Parliament expressed readiness to actively cooperate with the country's Foreign Ministry in legislative and parliamentary diplomacy and on the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation with different countries.

The next meeting of the NA President was with the members of the political force that passed to the parliament, the leadership and members of the "Justice" party of Artsakh. Arthur Tovmasyan emphasized the role of the opposition in the establishment of the parliament and called on the 7th convocation National Assembly to be active and proactive, which will increase the efficiency of the work of the parliament.

Meetings of the NA President with the parliamentary and other non-parliamentary forces, as well as with the candidates running in the presidential election are planned.