Ashot Ghoulyan Summed Up the Activity of the National Assembly of the 6th convocation
15 May 2020

Today, President of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan convened a press conference, where he summed up the work of the National Assembly of the 6th convocation. He presented in numbers the legislative, control, diplomatic and other functions implemented by the Parliament in the last 5 years.

According to the NA President, 596 bills have been put into circulation, of which 446 have been adopted by the parliament of the 6th convocation.

When submitting other powers reserved by the Constitution, Ashot Ghoulyan enumerated the appointments, information and reports discussed by the Parliament and especially to emphasize the discussion of the Republic of Artsakh President's of the annual report in the National Assembly in the last two years.

The Head of the legislative body noted that in recent years the opportunities of parliamentary diplomacy have been actively used. 173 delegations from 31 countries visited the Artsakh National Assembly, and the delegations of the Artsakh National Assembly made 24 foreign visits.

The NA President also spoke about the coverage of the activity of the legislative body, the representation in social networks and stressed the live broadcast of the sittings of the National Assembly from September 2018, which allowed each citizen to follow the law-making process and the activities of the deputies in a live mode.

Then, answering the questions of the journalists, the Head of the Parliament referred to the traditions formed in the legislative body during the last 5 years, the achievements in foreign relations and the citizen-deputy relations.

At the end of the press conference, Ashot Ghoulyan thanked the journalists for ensuring the transparency and publicity of the work of the National Assembly.

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