Spring Session Has Started in Artsakh Parliament
20 February 2020

February 20, the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh convened the first sitting of the 11th session.

Opening the session the President of the National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan has referred to the day of February the 20th, noting that 32 years ago, the people of Artsakh were recognized by the world as a community that fought for their rights and freedoms, for a free and sovereign life in the historic homeland.

"The result of the Karabakh movement is today's Republic of Artsakh, whose international recognition remains our main political goal," the Head of the Parliament underlined.

Ashot Ghoulyan congratulated the pioneers of the 1988 liberation struggle present in the National Assembly Hall and all the Armenian people, wishing them will and new successes.

After approving the agendas of the sitting and the session, the parliament passed to the discussion of the draft laws.

The draft law «On the Approval of the Code of Rescue Service» was presented to the National Assembly for discussion in the second reading by the Director of the State Emergency Service Vladik Khachatryan. He noted that no proposals have been made since the first reading of the draft.

After receiving the endorsement of the NA Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, the parliament voted and adopted the law in the second reading.

Next the parliament heard the draft laws presented by Justice Minister Ararat Danielyan.

  • The Draft Law «On Additions to the Criminal Code», which gives the court the opportunity to impose a lighter sentence instead of punishment in exceptional cases on the basis of the principle of humanity.

The Head Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs has endorsed the draft. The law was adopted.

  • The draft law «On Making Amendments to the Law “On Notaries”», the adoption of which provides for the establishment of a unified procedure for performing notaries actions.

The Standing Committee on State Legal Issues gave a positive opinion on the bill. The Parliament adopted the law.

  • The package of bills «On Public Organizations», «On Amendments and Additions to the Law "On State Registration of Legal Entities, State Registration of Separated Units, Institutions of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs "», «On Amending the Law "On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellations of Origin “», «On Amendments and Additions to the law “On State Duty”», «On Amendments to the Law “On Trade Unions”», «On Amendments and Additions to the Citizens Code»

According to the bill the system of creation and formation of the structure of public organizations, the formation and organization of activities of governing bodies will be improved, and the role of the charter will be increased. With the provision of the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity to public organizations, an effective instrument will be provided to ensure financial stability. The activities of public organizations will become more transparent, members of the society will be informed about existing NGOs, the programs implemented by them, as well as about the support provided by the state.

Parliamentarians asked the Minister questions about the opportunities provided to foreign citizens by the project, and about the financial control of public organizations. After receiving a positive opinion of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, with the ratio of votes 26 - “for” and 1 “abstained” the law was adopted in the first reading.

  • The Draft Law «On Public and Private Notification on the Internet», where the law or other normative legal act envisages public notice through publication of information in the press, the announcement containing information will also be posted on the official website of the Artsakh Republic Public Notices website to ensure access to and access to information.

The conclusion of the Head Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs was also positive in this case. The National Assembly passed the law in the first reading.

The package of draft laws «On Amendments to the Civil Code» and «On Amendments to the Code of Civil Procedure» under which appropriate conditions will be created in the event of the appearance or whereabouts of known missing or deceased persons, a decision will also be made to overturn judgments previously recognized as missing or dead, on the basis of a request from interested persons or bodies. 

Chair of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Hovik Jivanyan presented the committee's approval of the bill, after which the parliament adopted the law.

The draft law «On Amendments and Additions to the Law "On Military Service and the Status of a Military Person"» was presented for discussion by the Minister of Defense Karen Abrahamyan. According to the minister, when the bill is adopted, if desired, the brothers called up for compulsory military service serve in the same military unit, only one brother will take part in the draw, and a conscript who has a brother in the service in a certain military unit can be appointed to the place of service brother, if meets the conditions of appointment to the service in this military unit. According to the minister, in order to make the contract service more popular, the project will provide an opportunity to conclude a contract for a period of two years, and those who have academic training or graduated from higher or postgraduate educational institutions by order of an authorized state body will be given the opportunity to conclude a first contract for a period of two, or three, or four, or five years. According to the proposed amendment, the age of admission to contract military service instead of 36 years will increase to 40 years. The proposed change will also enable senior military officers to benefit from an affordable and long-term mortgage program. According to Karen Abrahamyan, the provision and assignment of the status of a combatant will be ratified by order of the Minister of Defense.

After receiving a positive conclusion from the NA Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, the Parliament passed the law.

The draft law «On Amendments and Additions to the Water Code» was submitted for discussion by the Minister of Nature Protection and Natural Resources Felix Gabrielyan. According to him, the adoption of the project will establish zones prohibited for the construction and operation of small hydropower plants, and, based on environmental considerations, the grounds for rejecting applications for water permits granted to newly built hydropower plants, and the concepts of "low water" and "drought" will be clarified.

Arpat Avanesyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructures, presented a positive conclusion of the committee regarding the bill, followed by speeches of the deputies Vilen Safaryan and Alyosha Gabrielyan. By a ratio of votes 20 - for and 3 - against, the law was adopted.

The sitting continued with the procedure of legislative-executive question-answering. Members of the government led by State Minister Grigory Martirosyan, answered MPs' questions about teachers' allowances, the peculiarities of the privatization process for settlers and the necessary scrutiny of landslides sites.

Ramela Dadayan and Hayk Khanumyan made a deputy statement.

30 May 2020
Artur Tovmasyan Continues to Meet with Political Forces of Artsakh May 30, continuing meetings with the political forces and the candidates running in the presidential elections within the framework of the Republic President’s message of solidarity and tolerance, the NA President Artur Tovmasyan visited the office of the "Sasna Tsrer" Artsakh party in Stepanakert and met with the members of the party board. During the meeting the Head of the NA spoke on the proposal to cooperate with the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces on the nation-wide issues - Artsakh problem, recognition of the Armenian Genocide and frontline and security issues. The President of the Parliament once again noted that he sees the development of the Artsakh Republic as an independent state; get ahead the vision of reuniting with the Republic of Armenia. Stressing the importance of holding meetings in the new format, the party coordinator Gagik Yesayan touched upon the proposed issues on the agenda and presented the party position. During the meeting the parties discussed issues related to the negotiation process and prospects for cooperation. The NA President next hosted the members of the "Identity and Unity" party led by Erik Mkrtumyan, the Head of the party. During the meeting Artur Tovmasyan spoke about the possible directions of cooperation with the extra-parliamentary force, making a proposal on their being included in the national agenda as well as the National Assembly friendship groups and circles. Congratulating the newly elected President of the National Assembly and thanking him for the reception, the Head of the party, Erik Mkrtumyan, expressed readiness to cooperate on various issues aimed at the development of the country, including the framework of legislative initiatives. Continuing the meetings, the President of the Parliament then received Bardugh Galstyan, Chairman of the “Ramkavar Azatakan Party” of Artsakh and party representatives. Both sides stressed the importance of government-opposition cooperation on the matters of national importance, as well as in other issues on provision of the vitality of the country.