National Assembly Preparing for the Spring Session Opening
19 February 2020

February 19, President of the National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan convened a working consultation with the participation of the Heads of the standing committees and factions of the parliament, the chief staff members of the parliament.

Opening the consultation, NA Speaker Ashot Ghulyan spoke about the upcoming works of the parliament. Particular reference was made to the launch of the new session and parliamentary activities of the next months due to the March 31 national elections. According to the NA President, the National Assembly of the 6th convocation will most likely convene sessions in February, April and, if necessary, also in May. The National Assembly of the 6th convocation will cease its powers on May 21.

Passing to the discussing of the issues on the agenda of the upcoming sitting, Chair of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs Hovik Jivanyan, Member of the Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement Vilen Safaryan and Chair of the Standing Committee on Production and Manufacturing Infrastructure Arpat Avanesyan presented the drafts discussed in the committees and the conclusions of the committees.

Summing up the consultation, Ashot Ghoulyan announced that the first sitting of the 11th session will be held on February 20 at 11:00 am. A legislative and executive Q&A procedure is also envisaged.

30 May 2020
Artur Tovmasyan Continues to Meet with Political Forces of Artsakh May 30, continuing meetings with the political forces and the candidates running in the presidential elections within the framework of the Republic President’s message of solidarity and tolerance, the NA President Artur Tovmasyan visited the office of the "Sasna Tsrer" Artsakh party in Stepanakert and met with the members of the party board. During the meeting the Head of the NA spoke on the proposal to cooperate with the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary forces on the nation-wide issues - Artsakh problem, recognition of the Armenian Genocide and frontline and security issues. The President of the Parliament once again noted that he sees the development of the Artsakh Republic as an independent state; get ahead the vision of reuniting with the Republic of Armenia. Stressing the importance of holding meetings in the new format, the party coordinator Gagik Yesayan touched upon the proposed issues on the agenda and presented the party position. During the meeting the parties discussed issues related to the negotiation process and prospects for cooperation. The NA President next hosted the members of the "Identity and Unity" party led by Erik Mkrtumyan, the Head of the party. During the meeting Artur Tovmasyan spoke about the possible directions of cooperation with the extra-parliamentary force, making a proposal on their being included in the national agenda as well as the National Assembly friendship groups and circles. Congratulating the newly elected President of the National Assembly and thanking him for the reception, the Head of the party, Erik Mkrtumyan, expressed readiness to cooperate on various issues aimed at the development of the country, including the framework of legislative initiatives. Continuing the meetings, the President of the Parliament then received Bardugh Galstyan, Chairman of the “Ramkavar Azatakan Party” of Artsakh and party representatives. Both sides stressed the importance of government-opposition cooperation on the matters of national importance, as well as in other issues on provision of the vitality of the country.