Members of the «Artsakh-Australia» Friendship Circle Sent a Congratulatory Letter to the «Australia-Artsakh» Friendship Circle on the National Holiday of Australia
24 January 2020


January 24, the «Artsakh-Australia» Friendship Circle meeting chaired by David Ishkhanyan took place in the National Assembly.

The ways of strengthening the friendly relations with Australia as well as the most recent devastating disasters that happened in Australia were discussed have been spoken about.

Summing up the sitting, David Ishkhanyan, has released a congratulatory letter to the «Australia-Artsakh» Friendship circle on the Australia Day which specifically reads:

«We are referring to you with our warm congratulations on Australia's national holiday.

Australia and Australians have many reasons to be proud:  first of all, strong democracy, racial, religious diversity, freedom and commitment to justice for every citizen.

The people of Artsakh have always considered Australia the exemplary country that every young nation in the path of democracy would aspire to. Since the declaration of independence in 1991, we have spared no effort to establish democratic institutions in our country.

Also accept our deepest condolences for human casualties and material damage over the recent devastating fires in Australia and other natural disasters. Be sure that we continually pray to God for His help and consolation to those who have suffered disasters.»