Ashot Ghoulyan Had a Private Conversation with Ararat Mirzoyan
18 January 2020

After summing up the work of the Inter-Parliamentary Committee on Cooperation between the National Assemblies of the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Artsakh, the heads of the two parliaments held a private conversation.

The RA National Assembly President Ararat Mirzoyan welcomed the visit of the delegation led by the President of the Artsakh Parliament and underlined the importance of holding a discussion on the issue of inhumane actions against the Armenian population of Baku in a special committee format. Then Ararat Mirzoyan emphasized, -

«The statement adopted by the Inter-Parliamentary Committee is a historic event that has matured long ago. It is a tribute to the memory of the innocent victims of the Armenian pogroms in Baku».

Ashot Ghoulyan thanked the RA NA President for the reception and congratulated on the occasion of the next successful event of the joint work of the two Parliaments:

«Everything is said in today's statement. It contains very precise accents, which should serve as a guide for the representatives of the two Armenian republics in presenting the crimes against the Armenian population of Baku to the outside world, » Ashot Ghoulyan emphasized.

At the end of the meeting the sides also touched upon the upcoming elections in Artsakh in 2020.Both sides stressed the importance of holding free, competitive and transparent elections both in terms of strengthening democracy in Artsakh and presenting their results to international structures.