National Assembly Adopted the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020
19 December 2019

December 19, regular sitting of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly was held.

Opening the sitting the NA President Ashot Ghoulyan referred to the discussions on the draft law «On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020» following after the previous regular sitting, noting that all established procedures and deadlines have been followed.

After approving the agendas of the session and the sitting, the parliament continued the discussion of the draft law «On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020»

The Minister of Finance Artur Harutyunyan, presenting the second round of the parliamentary proposals on the budget, noted that after discussing the state budget at the plenary sitting of the National Assembly, 34 proposals were submitted to the government by MPs and separate factions, 25 of which were repeated. The summary of proposals amounted to about 600 million drams excluding the repeated offers.

Presenting the 2020 State Budget revised version, Minister of Finance Arthur Harutyunyan outlined the changes made to the project expenditures based on the deputies' suggestions.

Education - The program "State Support to Sport Schools" was increased by 1 million 73.3 thousand AMD. To increase the level of teaching natural science subjects in schools, the program of educational events has been increased by 5 million AMD.

Recreation, culture and religion -the state aid program for museums has been increased by 1 million 71 thousand AMD.

Public services of a general nature - two new expenditure programs have been added: a program for finalizing and publishing an Atlas of the Republic of Artsakh in the amount of 15 million and a program for renaming and naming of geographical names in the amount of 3 million drams.

Expenses not covered in the main sections - the cost of capital investment program has been increased by 40 million AMD.

According to Artur Harutyunyan, certain changes have also been made in the project at the initiative of the Government.

Summing up the final indicators proposed by the draft state budget, the Minister of Finance noted that revenues will be 120 billion 949.4 million drams, expenses - 120 billion 840.7 million drams, surplus - 108.7 million drams.

The factions expressed their positions regarding the draft budget. In their speeches, the leaders of the “Renaissance” and “Movement 88” factions Hayk Khanumyan and Eduard Aghabekyan presented the reasons for voting against the project. The factions "Democracy", "Dashnaktsutyun" and "Motherland" gave a positive conclusion regarding the draft budget and noted that they would vote in favor of the project.

The final speech on the draft state budget of 2020 was delivered by the President of the Republic of Artsakh. He thanked the parliament for constructive discussions and observations. Bako Sahakyan noted that next year's budget is realistic and will ensure financial stability in the country, promote economic development and increase the well-being of people and has a marked social orientation. According to the President, one of the main targets of economic development will be to ensure high growth rate.

"As a result of the preliminary discussions of the 2020 state budget, the written proposals of the factions and deputies of the National Assembly have been discussed and will undoubtedly be taken into account in the further activities of the government," Bako Sahakyan noted and proposed to the parliament to accept the final version of the project “On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020” as a law.

Before voting on the draft state budget, the National Assembly discussed the budget accompanying Draft Law «On Making Amendments to the Law "On Minimum Monthly Salaries”», «On Amendments and Additions to the Law “On Remuneration of Public Officials"», « "On Amendments to the Law “On Service Enforcement of Judicial Acts"». Presenting the package of projects, Minister of Finance Arthur Harutyunyan noted that it is proposed to increase the minimum monthly salary from 55,000 AMD to 68,000 AMD, while at the same time increasing the minimum hourly rate for paid employees.

MP Arpat Avanesyan made a speech on the draft.

After receiving an endorsement from the Head Committee - the Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic management, the Parliament passed the law.

Then, the draft law “On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020” was put to the vote and by a vote of 27 to 3, the law was adopted.

After the break, the parliament heard the draft law «On Approving the Code of Rescue Service», which was presented to the NA for discussion by the Director of the State Emergency Service Vladik Khachatryan. According to the authorized representative of the Government, upon the adoption of the project, the rights and obligations of employees of structural, territorial and separate units of the State Emergency Service of the Republic of Artsakh, their relationships, responsibilities, compliance with internal procedures and rules, service discipline, combat duty and a number of other relations will be settled, which provide constant service readiness, training of staff members , the organized performance of their duties during the shift and the protection of the health of employees.

After receiving endorsement from the Head committee -the Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, the law was adopted in the first reading.

Continuing, Vladik Khachatryan, Director of the State Emergency Service, presented to the parliament for discussion the package of draft laws «On Amendments and Additions to the Law "On State Regulation of Technical Safety"», «On Amendments and Addenda to the Law on Local Self-Government "», «On Amending the Law "On Trade and Services "», «On Amendments and Addenda to the Law "On Local Taxes and Payments"».

According to Vladik Khachatryan, the package of bills is aimed at minimizing the number of casualties among the population as a result of transportation, storage, use and sale of pyrotechnics and fireworks, thereby ensuring the safety of the population.

After receiving the positive endorsement of the Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, Parliament voted in favor of adopting the law.

In the final part of the sitting Hayk Khanumyan and Artur Tovmasyan made deputy statements.

Summing up the results of the sitting, the Head of the National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan thanked everyone for the effective joint work and announced the closing of the 10th session of the National Assembly of the 6th convocation.