Ashot Ghoulyan Participated in a Scientific Seminar Dedicated to the Constitution Day of Artsakh
09 December 2019

December 9, a seminar dedicated to Constitution Day was organized at Artsakh State University, where Ashot Ghoulyan, President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh participated and made a speech.

Ashot Ghoulyan first congratulated on the occasion of the day of fundamental human rights, the referendum on independence and the Constitution Day then talked of the events happening on December 10.

The NA President introduced the functions of the Constitution as the Basic Law of the Country and emphasized its role in improving the public administration system, strengthening the country's sovereignty, responding to security challenges, developing democratic processes and guaranteeing the realization of human rights and freedoms.

"The Constitution is a unique agreement between the citizens, which defines the relationship between the state and the citizen," Ashot Ghoulyan noted.

The Head of the Artsakh State University Department of Law Rita Arustamyan and the lecturer Armine Danielyan made speeches at the scientific Seminar. The ArSU Rector Armen Sargsyan, Vice-rectors Vitya Yaramishyan, Valery Avanesyan, Georgy Sahakyan, lecturers and students also participated in the seminar.