«Budget 2020» Committee Discussions Have Been Launched
25 November 2019

November 25, joint sitting of the NA Standing Committees on Foreign Relations and Budget, Financial-and Economic Management was held, conducted by Arzik Mkhitaryan and Aram Grigoryan.

Issues related to the financing of the foreign policy, tourism and information spheres provided for by the draft law «On the Republic of Artsakh State Budget 2020» have been discussed.

Presenting the maintenance costs of the department, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Massis Mayilyan noted that next year's budget is envisaged 803 million 254 thousand drams and gave details of the main directions of appropriations. The minister also answered questions from deputies about the program for creating a common friendship network and the presence of representative offices in other countries.

Presenting the expenses of the tourism sector for next year, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Tourism Affairs Lernik Hovhannisyan noted that 28 million drams will be allocated for the development of the sphere, instead of 25 million drams allocated last year. According to the minister, the main purpose of tourism will be the development and popularization of the tourism product of the Artsakh Republic in the target markets. In 2020, the main focus will be on the development of ecotourism with elements of rural and extreme tourism.

Lernik Hovhannisyan also noted that next year marketing work will be aimed at promoting and disseminating the Artsakh brand in social networks and search engines.

The deputies asked the Minister about the places preferred by tourists in Artsakh, support for targeted startups to preserve tourist zones and develop the sphere.

The joint meeting then listened to Arsen Arstamyan, Head of the Council of the public television and radio company of the Republic of Artsakh , who, presenting the budget of the Council, noted that it would make 31 million 546 thousand drams, instead of 27 million 958 thousand drams allocated last year. Arsen Arstamyan singled out the main expenditure areas and answered questions of the deputies.

According to the chief editor of "Azat Artsakh" newspaper Norek Gasparyan, in comparison with the current year, the maintenance costs in 2020 will not change and will amount to 94 million drams.

The NA President Ashot Ghoulyan and Deputy Minister of Finance Norayr Avanesyan also attended the meeting.