NA President Ashot Ghoulyan Welcomes the Armenian Genocide Resolution by the US House of Representatives
30 October 2019

October 30, President of the National Assembly of the Artsakh Republic Ashot Ghoulyan welcomed the US House of Representatives' resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide.

The welcoming text reads:

“The House of Representatives Resolution 296 on Recognizing the Armenian Genocide has been a long-awaited event for several generations of our compatriots who survived the Genocide - a formula, for the success of which years of consistent efforts have been made by the Armenian-American community. The tactics based on not retreating from geopolitical interests and state-by-state moving forward could not fail.

This bipartisan initiative is a clear message to the world that recognition of crimes against humanity goes beyond political speculation. They must be condemned to prevent new genocides.

I express my gratitude to the author of the Resolution, the best friend of the Armenian people, Congressman Adam Schiff, all the 405 congressmen who voted for justice, to close the door to lies and denial and to raise the issue of the Armenian Genocide.

I also thank those in charge of the Armenian National Committee of America, Armenian Assembly of America and the Armenian community for uniting and advancing the issues of the pan-Armenian agenda. We still have a lot to do together. ”