Delegation of Canada Hosted in the Artsakh Parliament
12 October 2019

Meetings with the delegations arriving in Artsakh within the framework of "Cooperation for the Sake of Justice and Peace" forum of the Friends of Artsakh in the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh continue.

NA President Ashot Ghulyan and members of the “Artsakh-Canada” Friendship Group met with the Canadian delegation in Artsakh.

Welcoming the guests, the Head of the Parliament thanked the Canadian friends for making the voice of the Artsakh people heard across the ocean, a vivid example of which is the creation of a parliamentary friendship group with the people of Artsakh formed in Canada in March.

Ashot Ghoulyan highly appreciated and emphasized the visible work of Armenian organizations of Canada and Canadian friends in recognizing Artsakh.

"We know that the road to international recognition will be long, but we are patient and confident in our success, as the number of friends of Artsakh is increasing every year.”

Guy Ouellette, Member of the National Assembly of Quebec, noted that he was impressed with Artsakh and the warm welcome of the people of Artsakh. According to Ouellette, as a citizen of a peaceful country, he is ready to be an ambassador for peace and justice for Artsakh.

“In the world of modern social media and fake news the proper representation of Artsakh is very important. At this moment many are looking forward to me in Quebec, so that I can share my impressions and reliable information about your country. "

Aris Papikian, Member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, assured in his turn:

“The people of Karabakh are not alone in the difficult path of recognition and in spite of all the obstacles that Armenian organizations face in Canada, with the help of our friends, all obstacles can be overcome to make Artsakh recognizable. "

"My soul is in Toronto, and my heart is in Artsakh," said Jim Karijiannis, a member of the Toronto City Council.

Karijiannis shared the progress of his work with his supporters in the city council and expressed hope that they would have good news soon.

Montreal Executive Committee member Marie Deros said:

“I highly appreciate the opportunity to be here. I saw the potential of Artsakh. There are many talented and educated young people here. They are the future of Artsakh. Keep encouraging them. ”

The meeting was also attended by Abraham Niziplian and Harut Matosian, members of the Quebec and Ontario Committees of the Armenian Cause of Canada, who spoke about work on Armenian agenda issues and assured that during the next visit the delegation will be larger and more inclusive.