Friendship Circle "Artsakh-Australia" Has Been Formed
24 September 2019

September 24, the first meeting of the “Artsakh-Australia” friendship circle founding members was convened in the small hall of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly. The circle included representatives of the Artsakh Republic legislative and executive authorities, public, religious and academic spheres.

The friendship circle was formed to establish and develop institutional relationships with the “Australian Friends of Artsakh” group established in Australia on August 1.

Speaking about forming the “Australian Friends of Artsakh” Circle, NA President Ashot Ghoulyan noted that members of the Federal Parliament, ministers, the Prime Minister of New South Wales, and the Speaker of the State Parliament, former parliamentarians, mayors, city council members, scholars, representatives of civil society and the Spiritual Representatives.

The NA deputy David Ishkhanyan presented details on the visit to Australia in August and the meetings that took place. Stressing the importance of expanding political, economic and humanitarian ties with Australia, he noted:

"We should not confine ourselves to creating a circle, we should develop a common agenda of cooperation and be guided by it."

Members of the newly formed friendship circle have elected National Assembly deputy Davit Ishkhanyan Chairman of the circle and Artak Nersisyan, Head of Information and Public Relations Department at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Secretary.

Declaration on Creation of the Artsakh-Australia Friendship Circle has been adopted by the participants of the meeting.