Ashot Ghoulyan Congratulated the Head of "France-Artsakh" Friendship Circle on the National Holiday
14 July 2019

July 14, President of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly, Head of "Artsakh-France" friendship circle Ashot Ghoulyan sent a congratulatory letter to the head of "France-Artsakh" friendship circle, MP of the National Assembly of France, Guy Tiessier on the National Holiday.

The letter particularly says:

"Dear Mr. Tiessier

I cordially congratulate you, the members of the "France-Artsakh" friendship circle and the friendly people of France on the occasion of the National Holiday.

Great values do not have nationality; they are all at all times and in all continents. In this sense, July 14, 1789 was a turning point not only in France, but also in human history, giving new and absolute sense to the ideas of freedom, equality and fraternity.

It is the perception of these values that unites our peoples. And today, thousands of kilometers from Bastille on this side, Artsakh people by own commitment protect the eastern gate of Europe's freedom.

I attach great importance to the strengthening of friendship between our peoples,the activities of the "France-Karabakh" and "Artsakh-France" friendship circles and I am convinced that despite the obstacles, we will be able to advance our common agenda.

Once again I congratulate you on the occasion of the National Holiday of the French Republic and send best wishes."