Telecommunications Sector Issues are Still the Focus of the Parliament
28 June 2019

June 28, a discussion on "Issues in Telecommunication Sphere" was held at the initiative of the "Democracy" faction in the National Assembly.

The representative of the faction David Melkumyan said that there have been discussions in different formats over the past two months in the parliament, and this meeting is their continuation. The deputy confirmed the position of the faction to act consistently in the direction of finding solutions to existing problems in the field of telecommunications, while maintaining an important condition for working in a constructive atmosphere.

MP Gegham Stepanyan noted that the initiative is not directed against anyone or any particular company. The only task is to protect public interests and publicize the fears prevalent in the public sphere. Further, returning to the topics that were covered during the previous meeting and subsequent discussions, Gegham Stepanyan stressed that steps were taken by Karabakh Telecom to make tariffs affordable, and by the decision of the State Commission on Regulation in Public Services and Artsakh Republic competition set the minimum threshold for Internet speed provided by means of fiber-optic communication. Nevertheless, the services provided by the only telecom operator operating in the Artsakh Republic, compared with the services provided by telecom operators in the region and other countries, are at this stage inferior in quality and price offers are expensive.

Karabakh Telecom Director Karekin Odabashyan touched upon the issue of improving the quality of services and review of tariffs, noting that the organization will carry out technical upgrades within the next several months, to offer packages, services and tariffs to meet public needs.

During the discussion, the MPs asked questions about roaming services, more affordable tariffs for military servicemen, technical condition of mobile stations, expansion of mobile coverage and other topics of the sector.

Summing up the discussion, according to David Melkumyan, the MPs will be consistent in implementing reforms in the field using the capabilities of the parliamentarian activities.

The discussion was attended by the National Assembly President Ashot Ghoulyan, Vice-President Vahram Balayan, representatives of the parliamentary factions and Chairman of the State Commission for Regulation of Public Services and Economic Competition Miqael Virabyan.