Republic of Artsakh NA Adopted a Number of Laws at the Final Sitting
27 June 2019

June 27, final sitting of the 9th session of the 6th convocation was held. Opening the session, NA President Ashot Ghoulyan presented summary information on the current session, noting that during the 9th sessions of the 6th convocation 7 regular sittings have been convened, of which 2 were extraordinary, 120 bills have been put into circulation, from which 81 were passed to the final session and one draft law was withdrawn from circulation.

Starting the sitting, the parliament has approved the agendas of the sitting and session, followed by the presentation of the 2018 State Budget execution by the Finance Minister Artur Harutyunyan.

Ernest Avanesyan, Chairman of the Audit Chamber, Aram Grigoryan, Chair of the Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management, and Zhanna Galstyan, Chair of the Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement, made speeches on the budget performance. The reporters presented positive conclusions on the report.

An exchange of opinions took place, during which the NA factions have expressed their positions on budget performance.

The National Assembly has confirmed the report on the Republic of Artsakh State budget execution in 2018.

The Chairman of the Chamber Ernest Avanesyan presented the annual report on the 2018 activities of the Audit Chamber. According to him, Incompatibility and deficiency of 482 million AMD was registered in the reporting year.

Then the parliament debated and adopted in the second reading:

  • the draft law of the Artsakh Republic "On the Legal Regime of the State of Emergency" presented by Justice Minister Ararat Danielyan.
  • the Law of the Republic of Artsakh "On the State Property Privatization Program 2019-2022" (20 for, 5 against, 1 abstentions) presented by the Minister of Economy and Industrial Infrastructure Levon Grigoryan,

After the break, the session continued with the National Assembly-Government question-and-answer procedure.

The members of the government responded to the questions  voiced by the MPs concerning the IT development programs, cellular antenna radiation measurement, the terms of exploitation of the Stepanakert sports and concert complex, housing construction, festivals conduct policy, multi-apartment construction projects in Qashatagh region, the condition of the roads of old Armenavan district, state-funded assistance to housing construction, maintenance of stadiums built, this year's grain harvest crop indexes, the results of the installation of water meters for the monitoring of SHPPs (small hydropower plants).

Continuing the legislative work, the parliament discussed the draft law of the Republic of Artsakh "On Funded Pensions" submitted by the Minister of Finance Artur Harutyunyan and the package of accompanying laws. Deputies Eduard Aghabekyan, Gagik Baghunts, Rita Mnatsakanyan and Arthur Tovmasyan made speeches during the exchange of ideas on the project. In his closing speech, Minister of Finance Artur Harutyunyan touched upon the concerns voiced by the MPs, clarifying the system amounts, disposal and management of external managers, investment in local infrastructures.

With 19 for, 8 against, 3 abstentions, the parliament passed the law in the second reading.

The sitting was put off until 15.45.