Artsakh-France Friendship Circle Statement
17 June 2019

Expressing regret on the French administrative courts’ abolition of the declaration of friendship between the communities of Valence, Bourg-le-Valance, Bourg-de-Péage, Arnaudville cities and the Republic of Artsakh

Welcoming the statements of the same cities’ mayors to continue and develop established friendly relations as well as the a call of the members of the France-Artsakh friendship circle to the French government not to yield to the Azerbaijani pressures and maintain impartiality,

"Artsakh-France" friendship circle:

Highly appreciates cooperation with the friendly people of France at various levels  as an important means of promoting contacts between the two peoples in humanitarian, educational, cultural, sport and economic spheres,

Is convinced that decentralized cooperation between the settlements of Artsakh and France best reflect the commitment of peoples to develop relations based on equality and good governance, as well as the freedom and autonomy of local self-government bodies,

Reaffirms its determination to contribute to the development of comprehensive cooperation between the peoples of Artsakh and France,

Urges the Armenian community of France and their French counterparts to continue actively working to reinforce and expand the established real partnership.


June 17, 2019