2018 Budget Performance Discussed at the Joint Sitting of the NA Standing Committees on State and Legal Affairs and Budget, Financial and Economic Management
31 May 2019

May 31, joint sitting of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs and Budget, Financial and Economic Management took place, headed by Hovik Jivanyan and Aram Grigoryan.

Marat Mоusaelyan, Head of Office of the Artsakh Republic President, introducing the 2018 budget for the president's staff, stated that was noted that from the planned 557 million 660 thousand AMD 473 million 405 thousand drams or 85% of the estimate has actually been spent.

According to the Chief of Staff of the National Assembly Garik Zhamharyan, In 2018, 601 million 337 thousand drams were provided from the state budget, the performance was 585 million 92 thousand drams or 97.3% of the estimate.

According to Araik Lazaryan, First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Office of the Presidential Administration, the maintenance costs of the body in the reporting year were estimated to be 327 million 401 thousand 306 million 754 thousand or 93.7 percent.

Maintenance costs of the Ministry of Justice, according to the Minister Ararat Danielyan, in 2018 350 million 324 thousand drams were allocated, the performance was 337 429 thousand drams or 96.3%.

By Gayane Grigoryan, Supreme Court Council Chairman's report 577 million 113 thousand drams have been envisaged by the state budget for the maintenance of the judicial system, 548 million 104 thousand drams or 98,4% have been spent.

According to Prosecutor General Artur Mosiyan, the budget of the prosecutor's office has made 503 million 323 thousand drams, performance - about 469 million drams or 93%.

According to Shushanik Hayrapetyan, Member of the Audit Chamber, the expenses of the Audit Chamber in 2018 amounted to 142 million 828 thousand drams and performance - 123 million 128 thousand drams.

Human Rights Defender Artak Beglaryan noted that 47 million 449 thousand drams have been envisaged by the state budget, while the execution has made 44 million 629 thousand AMD or 94.1%.

According to the Board Chairman of the Civil Service Council Boris Arushanyan, 102 million 153 thousand AMD have been allocated to the Council of which 101 million 206 thousand AMD has been spent.

The cost of maintaining the Central Electoral Commission with the report submitted by the Deputy Chairman of the Committee, Yeghishe Arzumanyan, made 38 million 937 thousand drams, actual expenses - 37 million 891 thousand drams or 97.3%.

Summing up the sitting, Chair of the NA Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management Aram Grigoryan noted that discussions on the budget execution will be continued in the factions.