RA Information Sector Responsibles Received in the Artsakh Republic Parliament
13 May 2019

May 13, President of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly Ashot Ghulyan received the Head of the Public Relations and Information Center SNCO Hovhannes Movsisyan and the Executive Director of the Public Television of Armenia Margarita Grigoryan, the Executive Director of the Public Radio of Armenia Garegin Khumaryan and the Public Relations and Information Center" SNCO employees.

According to Hovhannes Movsisyan, head of the Public Relations and Information Center, the group arrived in Artsakh to outline the framework for further cooperation in the information field and to develop the toolkit for their implementation. The goal is to expand the field of information dissemination on the internal and external life of Artsakh.

President of the National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan welcomed the representatives of the information sphere of Armenia responsible for the initiatives connected with Artsakh and highlighted the importance of cooperation. The Head of the Parliament presented to the guests his point of view on the existing problems, suggesting cooperation in these areas.

Artsakh telecommunication problems, training of specialists and information circulation have been discussed at the meeting.