Republic of Artsakh President’s Report Heard at the Parliament
17 April 2019

April 17, the National Assembly convened its regular sitting. Opening the session, Parliament President Ashot Ghoulyan, on behalf of those present, expressed solidarity with the friendly people of France in connection with the devastating disaster of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which has universal cultural value and said that in the near future the meeting of the Artsakh-France friendship circle will decide what kind of contribution can be provided.

After making amendments to the sitting agenda and approving the agenda of the sitting, in accordance with Article 93, Part 17 of the Constitution and Article 114 of the NA Rules of Procedure, the Parliament heard the report of the Republic of Artsakh President on the progress and outcome of the previous year program, as well as the program for the next year.

As the most important task of the state, the President of Artsakh stressed the continuity of ensuring the security of the country and people and maintaining a high level combat readiness of the Defense Army.

Then Bako Sahakyan touched upon the achievements of the various spheres of the economy, the main tasks and priorities of the country.

 Speaking about foreign policy, the head of state noted, that within the framework of the Azerbaijani-Karabakh conflict settlement the work will be continue with the OSCE Minsk Group.

"The position of the official Stepanakert has remained unchanged - Azerbaijani-Karabakh Conflict Settlement should proceed peacefully, within the framework of the OSCE Minsk Group, with the participation of the Artsakh Republic as a full-fledged party, "Bako Sahakyan stressed.

The President also highlighted the work done with different countries to obtain practical nature to decentralized cooperation, in particular, in the implementation of programs in infrastructures, education, agriculture and tourism in different communities of Artsakh.

Within the framework of the report the Republic President also touched upon the works and results of development of inter-parliamentary relations with Artsakh, expansion of cooperation between the international organizations in the parliamentary formats.

According to the procedure for discussing the issue, MPs proposed to the President issues related to foreign policy, agriculture, and strategically important for the country.

After the break, the sessions continued with the legislative and executive question-and-answer the procedure. Government members responded to MPs questions on control over state guarantees, raising salaries of teachers, the conditions provided to large families, milk collection issues in the regions, as well as abandoned mines and assessment of the environmental status of tailing dumps. Stepanakert road improvement works and continuation of work in the newly built church and other topics have also been touch upon.

Next the Parliament heard the report on the activities of the 2018 Prosecutor General Office presented by the Prosecutor General Artur Mosiyan.

Passing to legislative work, the parliament heard the draft laws submitted by the First Deputy Chief of Staff of the Office of the President of the Republic of Artsakh, Araik Lazaryan, and “On Making Addendum to the Criminal Code of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and on Making Amendments to the NKR Criminal Procedure Code package.

Minister of Justice Ararat Danielyan presented the draft law of the Republic of Artsakh on "Normative Legal Acts" to the National Assembly which according to the Minister is conditioned by the constitution and new lawmaking institutions adopted in 2017 and new legal requirements. The project envisages regulations of the principles of regulatory legal acts public discussion and the assessment of the impact of regulation.

The parliament has discussed and adopted the law in the first reading.

National Security Service Director Samvel Shahramanyan introduced to the MPs the Artsakh Republic Law on "State Courier Service" in the first reading. With the adoption of the draft the peculiarities of the reception, processing, storage, transportation and transfer of correspondence by the courier body shall be determined. The legal basis, tasks and principles of the activity of the courier communication body will be clarified.

Parliament has discussed and adopted the draft law in the first reading.

Presenting the Artsakh Republic Law on Making Amendments and Addenda to the Water Code of the Republic of Armenia, Nature Protection and Natural Resources Minister, Felix Gabrielyan underlined that the project proposes improvement and modernization of relations regulated by the Artsakh Water Code for making them more effective for law enforcement.

Continuing the presentation of the draft law, Felix Gabrielyan introduced the draft law of the Republic of Artsakh "On Making Amendments to the NKR Law "On the National Water Program of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic", which envisages the concepts of "water resources" and "usable water resources".

The parliament has discussed and adopted these two laws.

MPs Hayk Khanumyan, Vahram Balayan and Arpat Avanesyan made their deputy statements.