Discussion with the Artsakh Republic Police Chief Held in the National Assembly
12 April 2019

April 12, the NA Standing Committee on Defense, Security and Law Enforcement on the recommendation of the NKR Police Chief Igor Grigoryan invited an expanded discussion in order to introduce reforms in the police system and to clarify issues related to the public sector.

The Chair of the Committee Zhanna Galstyan noted that the current meeting was organized in accordance with the agreement reached during the previous discussion.

Speaking about the 2018 system activities and referring to the crime rates, the Republic of Artsakh Police Chief Igor Grigoryan added:

"In 2017 their number was 766, in 2018 - 739, thus dropping to 27. Disclosures made 97.8%. There is no undisclosed crime by the results of 2019. "

Presenting the reforms in the system, the Chief of Police has highlighted the activities aimed at improving the passport service in the regions, assuring that within two months this service will be fully accessible in all regions of the republic.

During the meeting a reference to Hayk Khanumyan’s allegations against the police system which were presented a few days ago was made. Referring to his statement, the MP noted that it has been handled based on some data and complaints. Welcoming the recent reforms in the police system, Hayk Khanumyan proposed to use parliamentary control measures to address existing problems.

Chief of Police Igor Grigoryan expressed willingness to work with MPs in round-the-clock mode to clarify the information and provide appropriate solutions.

NA President Ashot Ghoulyan, Vice-President of the National Assembly Vahram Balayan, heads of NA Standing Committees and factions took part in the meeting.