NA President’s Press Conference on the Results of His Visit to Europe
15 March 2019

March 15, the NA President Ashot Ghoulyan’s press conference on the results of his visit to the Netherlands and Belgium and meetings.

The Head of the Parliament highlighted the main directions of the visit: meeting with a group of MPs from the House of Representatives in the Netherlands, participation at the event, organized by the European Parliament headed “Armenophobia: Historical and Present-day Resurgence” and meeting With the members of the European Parliament, participation at the "European Free Alliance" party annual conference as well as meetings with Armenian ambassadors to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Ashot Ghoulyan thanked Gaspar Karapetyan, the head of the Armenian ARF office in Europe, Tufenkian Foundation and Matho Hakhverdyan, President of the Federation of Armenian Organizations in the Netherlands for organizing meetings and events.

At the press conference the NA President answered the questions of the journalists about the opportunities of the European MPs not included in friendship groups or circles for getting information about Artsakh, the tools used by the European Parliament to prevent xenophobia, particularly the Impact of Armenophobia in Azerbaijan on the negotiation process

Answering questions about the development prospects of the institutional relations of the Artsakh parliament with the parliaments of a number of other countries, taking into account regional transformations, Ashot Ghulyan emphasized that at present the presence of preconditions and bases for relations with the parliaments is very important.

"Prospects of development largely depend on the intensity and joint actions of the groups and their leaders. Currently the work is being done on making the meetings of the friendship groups and circles regular and on focusing their activities on specific programs”, said the Head of the Parliament.