Republic of Artsakh NA Launched  Spring Session
27 February 2019


February 27, the Republic of Artsakh  NA of the 6th convocation convened the first  sitting of the 9th session.

Opening the meeting, The NA President Ashot Ghoulyan  touched upon the events of February in the modern Armenian history, both glorious and tragic events. In this context, the importance of the Karabakh Movement, which started 31 years ago with the demand to preserve the national identity and restore the statehood, was mentioned and the fact of the massacre of the Armenian population carried out by the Azerbaijani authorities in Sumgait. The parliament respected the memory of the compatriots who have fallen victim of the Azeri aggression with a minute of silence.

The NA President also welcomed the students of the Artsakh State University Department of Political Science and Translation Studies participating in the sitting, who are passing the internship in the legislative body of the Republic and wished them improvement of the capacity building skills and active participation in serving their homeland.

Summarizing the activity of the National Assembly in January-February, Ashot Ghulyan announced the 9th session open, after which the parliament approved the agenda of the ninth session and the February 27 sitting.

Then National Assembly heard the Communication of the Chairman of the NKR Civil Service Council, Boris Arushanyan on the Council activities in  2018.

Turning to   the legislative draft, the parliament discussed a package of draft laws of the Artsakh Republic, submitted by the Minister of Justice Ararat Danielyan,'' On Amendments and Addenda to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic'', ''On Amendments and Addenda to the Civil Procedure Code of the Republic of Nagorno Karabakh'', ''On Amendments and Addenda to the Administrative Procedure Code of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic'', ''On Amendments to the Criminal Code of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic'', ''On Amendments to the NKR on Medical Care and Service for the Population “, “On Amendment to the Law " , with the acceptance of which it is proposed to bring legal relations regulated by the Code of Criminal Procedure of the NKR, the Code of Civil Procedure of the NKR and the Code of Administrative Procedure of the NKR in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution of the Artsakh Republic.

After receiving the endorsement of the Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, the parliament voted for the draft. The Minister of Justice then presented the draft laws "On Operational Investigative Activities" of the Republic of Artsakh "On Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". According to the author, the proposed amendments aim to ensure the balance between the proper administration of justice and the protection of human rights. For the first time, the concept of operational-investigative activities”, tasks, principles, rights and responsibilities, operative-intelligence-making bodies and other legal provisions have been defined in the draft.

Hovik Jivanyan, Chairman of the NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs, also submitted a positive conclusion on the draft, after which the parliament passed the law in the first reading.

Next was the draft law of the Artsakh Republic "On Making Amendments and Addenda to the Artsakh Republic Law on Prosecutor's Office", which, according to the minister, will be abolished by the restriction of the rights of the person claiming to be included in the list of prosecutors and investigators. With a positive conclusion the parliament has discussed and adopted the law.

MP Alyosha Gabrielyan presented the draft law on Making Amendments to the NKR Law on payment, Servicing and Security of the President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic. According to the author, it aim at regulate the terms of privileges granted to the retired presidents.

 A co-report has been made by Araik Lazaryan, head of the Administration of Governmental Affairs of the President’s Office – first deputy head of the President’s Office. The latter noted, that the executive power gave the project a negative conclusion, since the proposed amendment is unacceptable, taking into account that the President's guarantees laid down in Article 6 of the Law are defined by the Constitution. Guarantees to the president, as the head of state after resigning from the post of the Artsakh Republic President, are commensurate with his status. According to the representative of the executive power, their provision does not have anything to do with the circumstance of the permanent residence of the retired President in the Artsakh Republic.

The conclusion of the NA Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health was positive, with some reservations. The parliament has denied the adoption of the law in the ratio of 9 for, 0 against and 0 abstentions.

Minister of Labor, Social Affairs and Resettlement Minister Samvel Avanesyan presented the draft law "On Making Amendments and Addenda to the NKR Law on State Pensions".

According to the minister, the draft proposes to introduce a new mechanism in the state pension system, the size of the minimum pension which will be assigned to the Government of the Republic of Artsakh. As a result, the size of pensions of 3,332 persons will increase, equating to 25,000 drams.

The Parliament has approved the adoption of this law based on the endorsement of the NA Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health Care.

After the brake, a legislative and executive inquiry procedure was held during which the government representatives responded to the development of natural sciences, cadastral assessment, Kashatagh region water supply and housing construction, penal institutions, interest rates on loans, state assistance in the field of sports, conditions for the provision of certain health services, mandatory stamp duties.

Deputy statements have been made by Erik Harutyunyan, Hayk Khanumyan, Gagik Baghunts, Ramela Dadayan, Vardges Baghryan, Davit Ishkhanyan, Robert Ghahramanyan, Alyosha Gabrielyan, Arpat Avanesyan, Aram Grigoryan, Gegham Stepanyan and Arthur Tovmasyan.