Ashot Ghoulyan Convened a Working Consultation
25 February 2019

February 25, the Head of the Artsakh Republic National Assembly Ashot Ghoulyan convened a working consultation with the participation of the NA Vice-President, the heads of Standing Committees and factions, and the responsible staff members.
Summing up the results of the previous days’ draft legislation discussions in the standing committees, the President of the Parliament presented the list of bills ready for the 1st sitting of the session and received explanations from the heads of Head Commissions.
The upcoming sitting will also include “Information on the 2018 NKR Civil Service Council”, which will be represented by the chairman of the structure Boris Arushanyan.
According to NA President Ashot Ghoulyan, the NA 1st sitting of the 9th session will be held on February 27 at 11:00. In accordance with the Rules of Procedure of NA a legislative and executive questions-and-answers procedure is also planned.