Joint Meeting of the NA Standing Committees on Foreign Relations and on Budget, Financial and Economic Management
23 November 2018

November 23, joint meeting of Artsakh Republic National Assembly Standing Committees on Foreign Relations and Budget, Financial and Economic Management was held chaired by Arzik Mkhitaryan and Aram Grigoryan, chairs of standing committees.

Foreign Minister Masis Mailyan said that in 2019, 787 million drams will be allocated to the foreign ministry, which is 3.8 million drams more than the current budget. The reason for this change, according to the minister, is related to currency fluctuations.

The deputies asked Masis Mailyan questions regarding the possibility of issuing visas at the border crossing points in Artsakh, external propaganda programs, a number of other issues related to the issue of formulating state order in the higher educational institutions.

Speaking about the tourism sector budget for the next year, Minister of Culture, Youth and Tourism of the Republic of Artsakh, Lernik Hovhannisyan noted that, like last year, it will be about 25 million drams. According to the Minister, in the ten months of 2018, the number of tourists amounted to 27,089 people, while for the entire 2017, 23,000 tourists visited the country.

Lernik Hovhannisyan answered the MPs' questions regarding the use of the Internet to stimulate tourism, preparation of films and commercials, and development of a conceptual program for the sphere.

According to the Chairman of the Board Arsen Arstamyan, expenses of the Artsakh Board of Public TV and Radio Company, will make 27 million 958 thousand 100 drams, which is unchanged compared to the previous year. Arsen Arustamyan also explained the increase in airtime, the creation of new TV and radio programs and other issues.

According to the editor of the “Azat Artsakh” newspaper Norek Gasparyan, in 2019 the amount allocated to the newspaper from the state budget will increase by 8 million drams, reaching 94 million 120 thousand drams. Norek Gasparyan also touched upon possible changes in the design of the newspaper, the quality of the press and answered the questions of the deputies.