Arsen A. Arstamyan
Arsen A. Arstamyan
Electoral system, district Majority, 2
Date of birth 21.09.1980
Political Party Nonpartisan
Faction independent MP

Born - September, 21 1980 in the city of Stepanakert

1997 – Finished Stepanakert secondary school No1 after Kh. Abovyan

2004 – Graduated from Artsakh State University, with the degree of bachelor of Philology in “Armenian Language and Literature”

2007 - Graduated from the magistracy of Artsakh State University with a master's degree of Philology in "Armenian Literature"

1998 to 2009 - Served in Armenian Armed Forces, holding various positions

2009-2010 - Worked as a Chief Expert in the Department of Information and Public Relations of the Ministry of Defense of Armenia

2003 and 2008-2009 - Concurrently served as editor-conductor of the CJSC "Public Television of NKR", editor-program host of the CJSC "Public Television of NKR"

2010-2011 - Conductor of the news program "Day" of the "Public Television of NKR" company

2010-2011 - Editor-in-chief of the news program "Day" of the company "Public Television of NKR"

Since 1995 - Started journalistic activity, periodically being broadcast in the Artsakh State Television junior program “Karkach”

Awarded medals "For faithful service" of the 1st degree, "Admiral Isakov" and the jubilee medal of "20th anniversary of the RA  Armed Forces"

Holds the rank of major in reserve and the rank of the 3rd class counselor of the civil special service

May 3, 2015 parliamentary elections - Elected deputy to the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation on majority system, electoral district No2

Deputy Chairman of the NKR NA Standing Committee on State and Legal Affairs