Armo M. Tsatryan
Armo M. Tsatryan
Electoral system, district Majority, 11
Date of birth 25.03.1947
Political Party Democratic Party of Artsakh
Faction "Democracy"

Born - March 25, 1947 in the village of Khnapat, Askeran region, Nagorno Karabakh

1965 - Finished secondary school in the village of Khnapat with a silver medal

1970 - Graduated from the faculty of Milk and Dairy Products of Yerevan animal husbandry and veterinary institute

1970-1971 – Mechanical engineer of the regional dairy plant

1971-1972 - Served in the Soviet Army

1972-1976 – Continued work as a mechanical engineer of the regional dairy plant

1976-1980 - Chief engineer

1980-1981 – Director of the dairy plant. He was elected deputy of the regional council, a member of the plenary and the bureau of the Stepanakert City Committee of the CPSU

1988 - Elected member and also deputy chairman of the Committee of the Board of Directors "Krunk"

1989-1991 - Elected Chairman of the Board of Directors

October 1991 - Appointed chairman of the committee of the regional agro-industrial complex of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as the first deputy-chairman of the regional council

1992-1994 - Appointed deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of NKR, as well as the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the NKR

1994-1997 - Deputy authorized representative of the State Defense Committee in the Askeran region

1997-2001 - Minister of Agriculture of NKR

2001-2005 - Head of Administration of Askeran region

2005 - Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Development of NKR

2007-2009 - Deputy Prime Minister of NKR, the NKR Minister of Agriculture

2009-2011 - Appointed the NKR Minister of Agriculture

2011 - Chief of Staff of the NKR Government and the Head of the Control Service of the NKR Prime Minister

2012-2013 - Director of CJSC "Artsakh-Kat"

2013 - Chief of Staff of the NKR Government and the Head of Control Service of the NKR Prime Minister

May 3, 2015 parliamentary elections he - Deputy to the NKR National Assembly of the sixth convocation by majority system, electoral district №11

Deputy Chairman of the NKR NA Standing Committee on Budget, Financial and Economic Management

Member of the parliamentary faction “Democracy”

Member of the Central Council of the Democratic Party of Artsakh

Awarded with "Mesrop Mashtots" order, "Mkhitar Gosh", "Anania Shirakatsi" (Decree of the President of Armenia),  "Mother's Gratitude" medals and The Republic of Artakh Ministry of Agriculture highest award - the gold medal "For agricultural achievements". 

Married, with two children.