Ashot Ghoulyan and François Rochebloine Discussed Issues Related to Expanding Ties Between Artsakh and France
20 July 2018

President of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly, Head of the Artsakh-France friendship circle Ashot Ghoulyan received the former Head of the France-Artsakh friendship circle, former deputy of the National Assembly Francois Rochebloine, on July 20.

Welcoming the guest, Ashot Ghoulyan congratulated him on receiving the citizenship of the Republic of Armenia, as well as on the victory of the French national team at the World Cup.

The head of the parliament stressed that regardless of the status, Francois Rochebloine will remain one of the best friends of the Artsakh people, whom he will always be happy to receive.

The former French parliamentarian assured that the new leadership of the "France - Artsakh" friendship circle has sufficient potential to turn current plans into reality and designate new areas for cooperation.

Francois Rochebloine also noted that he and his colleagues will try to find a new institutionalized format for assisting Artsakh in humanitarian matters and will continue to cooperate with the people of the country that has already become a native one.

Both sides exchanged views on cooperation between the circles of friendship, the development of Francophonie in Artsakh, domestic issues and the regional situation.