Ashot Ghoulyan Congratulated the Newly Ellected "France-Artsakh" Friendship Circle President
17 July 2018

July 17, President of the Republic of Artsakh National Assembly, Head of the "Artsakh-France" Friendship Circle Ashot Ghoulyan sent a congratulatory letter to the French National Assembly deputy Guy Tiessie on being elected President of the France-Artsakh friendship circle.

 The congratulatory letter reads as follows:

"Dear Mr. Tiessie, I warmly congratulate you on the election as the President of the "France-Artsakh" Friendship circle. 

Obligations, taken by you, testify not only to bravery, but also about fidelity to beliefs and will.

In Artsakh, we highly appreciate the activities of the "France-Artsakh" friendship circle and I am sure that thanks to your leadership the voice of the people of Artsakh will become more audible in France. 

I once again congratulate you and wish you active and productive activities aimed at the universal protection of peace, equality of nations and solidarity. "

On behalf of Ashot Ghoulyan, congratulatory letters have also been sent to the Vice-Chairs of the Friendship Circle - French National Assembly deputy François Puponi, French Senate member Michel Amiel and the Mayor of Bourg-les-Valence Marlene Mourrier.

Note that Guy Tiessie was deputy Chairman of the Friendship Circle, and replaced former deputy of the National Assembly of France Francois Rochebloine.