The Parliament is Focused on a Fair Solution of Issues of Public Concern. NA President
04 June 2018

Extraordinary Sitting of the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh

(June 4, 2018)


Dear Colleagues,

The initiative to convene today’s extraordinary session of the National Assembly belongs to the deputies.

Before proceeding to the agenda proposed by the initiators I would like to touch upon the June 1 incident in Stepanakert and the events that followed.

There is no need for a long background: all factions of the parliament these days were involved in actions to resolve the problem and restore the atmosphere of solidarity both at meetings with the participants of demonstrations, and by participating in numerous consultations and discussions with the President of the Republic. I consider it appropriate on behalf of all of us to express our gratitude to our colleagues for their efforts and willingness to take responsibility - Hayk Khanumyan, David Melkumyan, Lernik Hovhannisyan, Rudik Hyusnunts and Eduard Aghabekyan.

Like any living organism, Artsakh society also lives and acts, having concerns and dissatisfactions with various issues. The degree of consistency of the state is demonstrated by the ability of responsible state structures within the law to give correct and fair decisions to the issues raised, and this was the focus of our attention.

In order to provide the necessary platform for discussing issues of public concern, on June 2, on the initiative of MPs in parliament, by virtue of law, the Investigative Commission was established, which will study the issues that have caused public resonance in recent days.

Taking into account the relevance of the topic and the interest of our society, at the suggestion of the initiative group of deputies, the agenda of the sitting included not only the draft resolution of the National Assembly on the establishment of the number of members of the Inquiry Committee, but also the discussion of the situation that arose as a result of the June 1, 2018 incident in Stepanakert.

This is the grounds for convening today's extraordinary sitting, and I ask the MPs to register.