Final Plenary sitting of the 6th Session Will Take Place
20 December 2017

December 20, the head of the parliament Ashot Ghoulyan convened a working consultation with the participation of the NA Standing Committees, factions and staff members.

Presenting the legislative initiatives guaranteed for inclusion in the agenda of the forthcoming plenary session, the NA Speaker noted that the discussion of the draft state budget for 2018, which was interrupted on December 14, will be continued. After the previous meeting within 24 hours, two deputies and two factions submitted new proposals for the budget. The participants of the meeting also considered the procedure of the final stage of the budget discussion envisaged by the regulations.

Responsible persons of the lead commissions presented the results of the discussions on the draft laws passed earlier in the relevant commissions and conclusions on their inclusion in the agenda of the plenary session.

At the upcoming meeting, the parliament will continue discussions on bills adopted in the first reading at the previous meeting and a number of legislative initiatives.

Two secret ballots will be held during the plenary session: 1. On the proposal of the Supreme Judicial Council, two judges of the first-instance court of general jurisdiction will be appointed. 2. The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Social Affairs and Health will be elected.

Summing up the meeting, Ashot Ghoulyan announced that the final regular plenary sitting of the 6th session will be held on December 21 at 11:00.