Ashot Ghoulyan’s Welcoming Speech at the Meeting with the Delegation of the Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists
16 December 2017


Dear colleagues,
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and gentlemen

Hosting foreign parliamentarians and delegations in various formats in our Parliament became a good tradition, and today’s meeting is a vivid example thereof.

It’s an honor for me to welcome today the international delegation of the representatives of the parties with conservative and reformist ideology in the National Assembly of the Republic of Artsakh, arrived in Stepanakert on the initiative of and accompanied by the president of “Prosperous Armenia Party”, MP of the RA Parliament, Mr. Gagik Tsarukyan.  

Let me note that since 2014, the “Prosperous Armenia Party” is a member of the Alliance of the Conservatives and Reformist in Europe - the third political force in the European Parliament.

Greeting our guests on behalf of the MPs and staff of the National Assembly of Artsakh, I would like to say “Welcome to Artsakh, friends.”

I warmly greet our colleagues from the “Tsarukyan” faction of the National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia as well: Vice-president Mr. Mikael Melkumyan and Chairwoman of the Standing Committee on European Integration, Mrs. Naira Zohrabyan.

Dear colleagues,

Since our guests visit Artsakh for the first time, I don’t find it appropriate overloading them with stories about the way passed by our country and people. I would only mention that Artsakh is open to all those people who value the ideal of freedom.

We highly appreciate the interest of the MPs, politicians, and public figures of different countries towards Artsakh, the understanding of the right of our people to live free and independent, and the demonstrated humanitarian and moral support.

In this context, I would like to emphasize that we have warm and friendly relationship with various European political parties, MEPs and MPs of national legislatures; in some cases those ties are institutionalized. Thus, we have a friendship group in the European Parliament since 2014, friendship circles in France and Lithuania, and very recently two similar structures have been established in Belgium: a friendship group in the Flemish Parliament and a friendship circle with the French-speaking politicians and public figures in Belgium.

Such relations and contacts help a lot to overcome the challenges of the attempts to artificially isolate us from the international processes and serve as an effective platform for the legislative experience-sharing.


I’m glad to inform you that in two months, in February, 2018 we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of our national liberation struggle – Karabakh Movement- a struggle which is based on the ideas of protecting freedom, human rights and national dignity. These values are the same everywhere; they have no partisan, no national, no geographical boundaries.

Over the last three decades we have passed a difficult yet honorable way.  Moreover, I would like to emphasize that we took passed our way keeping high Artsakh people’s conservative nature and reformist – liberal spirit; through heavy sacrifices yet overcoming the challenges of the war imposed on us; crating from scratch a state with three branches of power, competitive economy and an army capable to keep peace in the region.

In the years of independence, even during the war, the authorities in Artsakh have been formed solely through democratic elections. Today, having an unsettled conflict with Azerbaijan, we are determined to build the country of our dreams by realizing the natural desire of our people to freely decide its own destiny. 

In case of Artsakh, the struggle for freedom is a struggle for the most important human right – the right to life, and it’s impossible that a person, political party or a country familiar with Artsakh and its people, would not respect this right.

We are grateful that you are here today with a representable delegation, breaking the stereotypes that disturb peace and stability in the world.