Slavik A. Arushanyan
Slavik A. Arushanyan
Date of birth 01.01.1949

Born on January 1, 1949 in the village of Dagrav in the Askeran district

1957-1966 – Studied in the secondary school of Badara village

September 1966 - August 1967 - Studied at the Yerevan Technical School No. 1 on the specialty of a welder

1968-1970 - Served in the Soviet army

August 1970 - Worked as a mechanic, then as a driver in the Yerevan trust "Yerpromstroy"

1973-1978 - Studied at the Faculty of History of Yerevan State University, received a specialty of the historian, teacher of history and social studies. Simultaneously worked as a driver of a specialized of the auto-house for sanitation of the Yerevan city

1977 - Led the students' construction detachment "Ani" in the city of Magadan

September 1978 - Instructor in the ideological department of the Askeran District Committee of the Communist Party

July 1986 - Head of the Cabinet of Political Education

1987 - Participated in the Artsakh national liberation movement, was deputy chairman of the district defense council, member of the staff

1987 - Deputy Chairman of the District Defense Council, member of the district defense headquarters, took part in hostilities

1989 - Elected member of the National Council of Nagorno-Karabakh

May 1990 - Member of the Supreme Council of the Armenian SSR.. Elected a member of the standing committee of the Supreme Council for Defense and Internal Affairs

1993 - Member of special commission on Artsakh issues

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the second convocation from the Askeran constituency No 14, member of the Standing Committee on financial, credit, budgetary issues and economic management

1996-1998 - Chairman of the Standing Committee

2001 - Authorized representative of the socio-political organization "Democratic Union of Artsakh" in the Askeran region

2005-2008 - Deputy Head of the Askeran District Administration

2008-2010 - Director of LLC "Basalt"

2010-2012 - Deputy Head of the Askeran District Administration

2012-2014 - Chairman of the Askeran District Council of the Democratic Party of Artsakh

Member of the Association of Artsakh deputies

Married and has four children

Awarded medals "Mkhitar Gosh" (01.09.2001), "Vachagan Barepasht" (30.08.2016), departmental medals "Mother's gratitude", "Defender of the Motherland".