Emma P. Gabrielyan
Emma P. Gabrielyan
Date of birth 10.08.1946

Born on the August 10, 1946 in the city of Stepanakert

Primary education in the secondary school of the village of Chapar

1958-1963 - I studied at Stepanakert Secondary School No. 1

Graduated from the Philological Faculty of Yerevan State University

Worked in the city and regional Komsomol committees

1972-1977 - Teacher and a head teacher in Stepanakert secondary schools No 7 and 9

1977 - Elected Chairman and director of the regional house of education

1980 - Elected chairman of the city committee of the Trade Union of state institutions. Chairman of the regional commission "Protection of the mother and child"

Deputy of the City council of four convocations

1985 - Elected deputy of the city council, executive secretary of the executive committee

Chairman of the city women's council

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the 2nd convocation from the Stepanakert constituency No. 1, elected deputy Chair of the National Assembly, Co-chair of the parliamentary cooperation commission between the Republic of Armenia and the NKR

2000-2007 - Deputy Minister of Social Security of the NKR

Married and has three daughters

Awarded the medals "Gratitude" (30.08.2011), "Mkhitar Gosh" ( 28.08.2019).