Kolya S. Iskandaryan
Kolya S. Iskandaryan
Date of birth 15.08.1963

Born on August 15, 1963 in the village of Haterq of the Martakert region

1970-1980 - Studied at the secondary school in the village of Haterq

September, 1980 - Worker of the state farm "Nor kyank" in the village of Haterq

1981-1983 - Served in the Soviet army. After demobilization continued his work in the above-mentioned state farm

1984-1989 - Studied and graduated with honors from the agronomic faculty of the Armenian Agricultural Institute

April 1989 - Hydraulic engineer of the state farm named after Mikoyan in the village of Haterq. In the same year entered the postgraduate course at the Scientific Center for Grape-Vegetables in the village of Merdzavan, Armavir region

1990 - Enlisted as a volunteer in the defensive detachment of the village of Haterq and participated in the liberation of villages Zaglik, Zardakhach, Chapar

1992 - Laboratory assistant of the Scientific Center for Grape and Vegetables in the village of Merdzavan

1993 - Served in the 2nd battalion of the 5th Defense District of the NKR Defense Army. Participated in the defense of Omar and the liberation of a number of villages in the Martakert region

January 1994 - Artilleryman of the 5th Brigade of the Defense Ministry. Took an active part in the liberation of the villages of Hakob-Kamari, Tonashen, Mataghis, Talish

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy to the second convocation of the Supreme Council of the NKR from the constituency No.31 of the village of Haterq

1995-2000 - Deputy Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Supreme Council on Agriculture and Nature Protection

2004 - Acting head of the Haterq village council

2004 - 2007 - Head of the rural community of Haterq

2012 - 2014 - Head of the Maghavuz warehouse of the coal deposit

February 2014 - Chief specialist of the department of general agricultural accounting of the Martakert District Administration

April 2016 - Participated in the defense of the north-eastern region of the NKR

Married, has four children

Awarded medals "For Courage" (07.05.2007), "Andranik Ozanyan" (04.05.2007)