Aida R. Antonyan
Aida R. Antonyan
Date of birth 13.09.1949

Born on September 13, 1949 in the village of Aygestan (Chaylu) of the Martakert region

1956-1965 - Studied at the local secondary school

1966 - Pioneer leader of the school in the village of Chaylu

1967-1972 - Studied at the correspondence department of the faculty of primary education of the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical Institute after Lenin

April 1968 – Teacher at the eight-year school in the village of Karchevan, Meghri district of the Armenian SSR

1975 - Worked in the secondary school of the Chaylu village

1993 - Armenian language and literature teacher in secondary school No. 6 of Charentsavan city

August 1994 - Moved to the Kashatagh district of the NKR

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the second convocation from the Kashatagh constituency No. 33

1995-2000 - Member of the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Human Rights and National Minorities, as well as the United Armenia group created in 1998

1997-2011 - Chief Engineer of the Department of Architecture of the Kashatagh District Administration

2011-2015 - Leading Specialist of Education and Sports Department, Personnel Inspector of Kashatagh District Administration

2014 - Awarded a commemorative medal of the NKR Prime Minister

Married and has five children.