Meruzhan M. Harutyunyan
Meruzhan M. Harutyunyan
Date of birth 21.05.1962

Born on May 21, 1962 the village of Machkalashen, Martuni district

1971 – Finished the local eight-year school

1979 – Finished the secondary school in the neighboring Sos village

1980-1982 - Served in the Soviet army

1982-1983 - Studied as a fitter at the Stepanakert vocational school No. 21

1983-1984 - An ordinary farmer of the collective farm of Sos village after S. Shaumyan.

1984-1988 - Studied at the Stepanakert Pedagogical Institute, specializing in teaching history and social studies

1988-1992 - Worked at the Stepanakert condenser plant

January 1991 - Commander of the armed detachment of Machkalashen, then the commander and organizer of the defense of one of the three defensive sections of the Amaras district

December 1993 - May 1995 - Commander of the staff company of the 3rd Infantry Battalion of the 2nd Martuni Defense District

April 30, 1995 - Elected deputy of the second convocation of the NKR Supreme Council from the electoral district No. 25 of Sos village

1995-2000 - Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Standing Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Health, Sports and Social Affairs

October 2000 - Deputy Chief of the Shushi District Department of Internal Affairs of the NKR. Until April 2006, he served in the penitentiary institution of Shushi

May 2006 - February 2009. - Served in the 3rd defensive area, then in the air defense forces of the NKR Defense Army

October 2013 - reserve officer

Married and has three children

Awarded the Order of the NKR "Battle Cross" of the 2nd degree (08.05.2004).