Roma A. Karapetyan
Roma A. Karapetyan
Date of birth 03.07.1954

Born on July 3, 1954 in the village of Maragha of the Martakert region

1961-1969 - Studied at the school in the village of Maragha

1969-1972 - Studied at the fruit and vegetable department of the Stepanakert Agricultural Technical School

1973-1975 - Served in the Soviet army

1980 - Brigadier of the Leninavan winery state farm

1986 - Joined the ranks of the underground organization of the Karabakh movement, participated in the collection of signatures, demonstrations and strikes

1988 - Created a defensive detachment of 206 people and was his commander. Together with his detachment participated in all battles for the defense of the villages of Maragha, Chaylu, Talish, Karmiravan, Martakert and a number of other settlements

May 11, 1992 – Injured in the battle, after treatment continued his service

1997 - Deputy Commander of the 6th defense district of Martakert. Under his commandment, the detachment twice liberated the villages of Maragha and Margushevan

1991-1995 - Elected deputy of the NKR Supreme Council of the first convocation from Leninavan electoral district No 45

April 30, 1995 - Elected to the second convocation of the Supreme Council of the NKR from the Maghavuz constituency No. 28

2003 - Head of the rural community of Nor Maragha

Chairman of the Union of Veterans of the village

Participated in the April war of 2016

He is married and has three children

Awarded the medal "For Courage" (07.05.2007.)